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Solar Panel Installers Scotland

Our solar panel installations are empowering homes and businesses throughout Scotland, introducing them to the economic and environmental benefits of harnessing the sun’s energy.

Start your journey towards a sustainable future with Your Energy Heroes, your trusted solar panel installers in Scotland, today.

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Highly rated Solar Panel Installers Scotland

At Your Energy Heroes, we pride ourselves on being much more than just accredited solar panel installers in Scotland. We aim to guide you through the transformative journey towards energy independence, through high-performance solar installations and premium solar battery storage solutions.

Our solar services span a comprehensive spectrum of renewable energy solutions – from initial consultation, meticulous site surveys, and custom system design, to proficient installation of top-tier solar panels and solar PV batteries, followed by unwavering aftercare support. We recognise the significance of democratising access to solar power and work relentlessly towards this vision.

At Your Energy Heroes, we eagerly await the opportunity to be a part of your green energy journey. Our qualified team is prepared to shed light on your path towards renewable energy, carving a future that’s not only brighter but also greener, cleaner, and more sustainable.

New build bungalow with unique solar PV layout on roof, installed by solar panel installers Scotland.

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The benefits of solar panel systems

Our solar panel systems offer significant savings by reducing your energy bills, paving the way towards energy independence.

By choosing solar, you’re not just lessening your reliance on fossil fuels, but also potentially increasing the value of your property. Plus, our durable solar panels require minimal maintenance, giving you peace of mind for years to come.

To sweeten the deal, there are various financial incentives for going solar, such as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). Let Your Energy Heroes guide you towards a brighter, sustainable future.

Clean Solar Energy

Generate your own clean energy and reduce your dependence on the dirty energy you would have otherwise imported from the National Grid.

Save Money

By producing your own electricity you can save money every time you don’t have to buy a unit from your electricity supplier.

Great Warranties

With most product warranties being over 10 years this allows you to focus on what matters and just keep saving on your electricity bills.

Increase Property Value

Solar panels can potentially increase your property’s value if installed by MCS registered installers like us.

Stylish Black PV Panels

All the solar panels we supply are black backed & framed. A lot more attractive than previous versions of panels that were sold previously.

Self Cleaning

Solar panels have a protective coating that along with the angle they are fitted at makes them self cleaning saving lots of money on under generation.

Visual Displays

Optional visual displays and apps make viewing your systems status and generation figures an absolute breeze. Great for the more technically minded.

Financial Incentives

There are various financial incentives for going solar, such as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

Large solar panel installation job in Scotland. Panels on the roof of bungalow, with mini golf putting course garden with green grass below.

A solar installation process that 

Our solar installation teams are committed to providing your with the best experience available, and we package this with a full range of comprehensive services.

Initial Consultation and Technical Survey

Every job we undertake begins with a thorough technical survey. This process allows us to evaluate the installation site and clarify what the installation entails – from equipment and cable routes to on-roof installation techniques. We’ll also discuss warranties on products such as inverters, batteries, mounting kits, and more.

MCS Approved Installation

As MCS Approved installers, our customers have the advantage of accessing the Smart Export Guarantee, potentially earning them hundreds of pounds a year. An installation not compliant with MCS standards cannot access this benefit.

Insurance and Quality Assurance

We are registered with Quality Mark Protection for our insurance-backed guarantee. Note that some home insurance companies may void their policies if the installation isn’t carried out by an MCS accredited company.

Comprehensive Handover Pack

Our handover pack includes vital documents like the MCS certificate, Warranty Info, Electrical Installation Certificate, and many more, providing a complete record of your installation.

A list of most of what our handover pack includes:

  • MCS certificate
  • IBG Policy
  • Warranty Info
  • Handover document with serial numbers of all panels, inverter battery etc.
  • Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Array test form
  • G98/G99 Application (application to Grid)
  • Electrical design checks
  • Inverter design checks
  • On roof panel layout animation
  • Schematic drawing of full installation
  • Contract
  • Product datasheets
  • Invoices
  • Before & after photos
  • Risk assessment & method statements
  • Structural calculations for added solar loading to roof space
  • Shade calculations
  • Expected paybacks

Installation Duration

The actual installation of your solar system will usually take between 4 to 8 hours, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Financing Options

We offer a finance option over 10 years at 11.9% APR through Phoenix Financial. This allows customers to offset system costs and make savings from day one.

Superior Solar Panels

All our panels are fully black, boasting a power output of 410 Watts, more than most of the competition.

System Monitoring

Post-installation, customers gain access to the Solis cloud app, allowing them to monitor their system performance and manage their free electricity use effectively.

Professionalism and Experience

We are proud of our fully qualified team with trade qualifications, no salespeople, and over five years of experience. We also collaborate with a vetted subcontract roofer, ensuring consistent high-quality installations.

No Hidden Costs

Should scaffolding be required, it may come at an extra cost, but generally, the price quoted on the website is the final price.

VAT Benefits

Solar installations, including batteries installed at the same time, are still 0% VAT rated, potentially saving you money.

Top-Tier Electrical Equipment

We strive for longevity in our installations, often exceeding electrical requirements by using only the best electrical equipment available.

Like-for-Like Quote Beater

We are confident in our competitive pricing and offer a ‘like-for-like quote beater’ deal, promising to beat any similar quote by £250.

With Your Energy Heroes, you’re not just choosing an installer – you’re choosing a reliable partner committed to delivering top-quality solar solutions.

Our Solar Energy Panels

Your Energy Heroes is proud to offer premium-quality solar panels from leading manufacturers, Jinko and Canadian Solar.

The Jinko Tiger Neo panels are a testament to efficiency and performance. These panels are designed with advanced cell technology, ensuring high energy yield even under low light conditions.

On the other hand, Canadian Solar panels are renowned for their durability and high energy output. Built to withstand various weather conditions, these panels are ideal for UK homes.

Choosing either Jinko Tiger Neo or Canadian Solar means choosing superior reliability, efficiency, and long-term savings. With Your Energy Heroes, we install these top-tier panels with precision, paving the way for a brighter and greener future for your home.

image showing black Jinko Tiger Solar Panel and white and black Puredrive Solar battery

Jinko Tiger Neo 415W

Modern & sleek all black panel


2.9 - 5.39KW Solar Storage available

2.9 - 5.39KW Peak System

3 - 4KW Solis Inverter (Hybrid available)

Remote Monitoring

Fully Black Panel

MCS Certification

10 Year Battery Warranty

5 Year Inverter Warranty

25 Year Panel Warranty

25 Year Performance Warranty

image showing black Solar Panel manufactured by Canadian Solar and white and black Puredrive Solar battery

Canadian Solar 405w

Exceptional 25 year warranty


5KW Solar Storage available

3.24 - 5.67KW Peak System

3 - 4KW Solis Inverter (Hybrid available)

Remote Monitoring

Tier 1 Manufacturer

MCS Certification

10 Year Battery Warranty

5 Year Inverter Warranty

25 Year Panel Warranty

25 Year Performance Warranty

image showing black Solar Panel manufactured by Canadian Solar and white and black Puredrive Solar battery

Canadian Solar 405W+

Maximize your returns


10KW Solar Storage available

3.24 - 5.67KW Peak System

3 - 4KW Solis Inverter (Hybrid Available)

Remote Monitoring

Tier 1 Manufacturer

MCS Certification

10 Year Battery Warranty

5 Year Inverter Warranty

25 Year Panel Warranty

25 Year Performance Warranty

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Why choose us for Solar Services in Scotland?

Choosing Your Energy Heroes as your solar Scotland company means choosing unparalleled expertise and commitment. Our MCS certified team not only brings years of experience to the table but also a personalised approach to every project.

We believe every home is unique and we're dedicated to creating solar solutions that are tailored to your specific energy needs. We focus on maximising your solar investment, ensuring cost savings, energy efficiency, and an increased property value.

By choosing Your Energy Heroes, you're choosing a smoother transition to renewable energy, a cleaner environment, and a brighter future.

Price Promise

We aim to be competitive on price but if you find another company offering the same service for less then we will beat their quote by £250.

Vast experience

With over 20+ years electrical knowledge & hundreds of solar installations under our belt you can rely on us to take care of your new solar system installation.

Flexible payment options

Choose to spread the cost with our flexible finance packages or get started with a 25% deposit and pay the rest after the installation is complete.

Graphic depicting green lightbulb with home sitting on top of it. Home has solar panels and wind turbine, and entire image is coloured different shades of green

Fast installation

From job start to job finish we will be done within the day. From sign up to completion in only a few weeks not a few months.

Family run

We are a close nit team at Energy Heroes and we treat all our customers like family too. Expect good manners and a smile while we are working.

Peace of mind warranty

With 25 year product warranties and our peace of mind two year workmanship warranty backed by Qualitymark protection you can rest easy.

Our solar panel customers think we're great!

Don't just take our word for it...

Great service. The electrician was very professional in his work and neat and tidy. Excellent value for money. I would definitely use this service again and recommend the company to others.

Michelle C

Care Home Manager, Local Authority

Energy heroes were easy to deal with. The staff were polite, knowledgeable and re-assuring. There were no issues when it came to price etc with no hidden costs on completion. I Highly recommend them and we will definitely use them again. Top service and delighted with the service received.

Martin G

Office Manager, Lloyds

Great service today. I had an EV point fitted. Installed to a great finish n only a matter of hours. Would definetely use again.

Kelly C

Care Assistant , Local Authority

How it all works

Getting started with Your Energy Heroes is a simple process. Simply open our handy price finder and you’ll be well on your way.

Next, have some fun designing your custom solar power system, tailored to your home’s specific needs.

Then, get your fixed price – a clear, straightforward quote with no hidden surprises.

Finally, book your free survey, where our team will visit your property to confirm all details and set the ball rolling.

Four easy steps and you’re ready to embark on your journey towards sustainable living. It’s that simple with Your Energy Heroes!

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Design your system

Design and tailor your solar panel system to your own specific needs and requirements prior to receiving your price.

Get your fixed price

Once your solar panel system has been built you will be guided to the solar panel packages best suited to you.

Book your free survey

Arrange your free technical survey to ensure the suitability of your roof for your proposed solar panel system.

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Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Got your answer?

Not found the answer you need then give our team a call on 0800 464 7370. Our expert advisors will be able to explain the answer to any lingering questions regarding solar panels. Or send us a message by clicking the link below.

How long do solar panels last?

The expected lifetime of a solar panel system is between 20-30 years. This means that after the panels are paid back you get free electricity for a very long time.

How long does installation take?

Installation takes around 5-8 hours dependent upon the complexity of the installation.

What are your wait times?

We can survey, install & certificate your property within two weeks,

Will the installation effect my roof?

All our engineers are fully trained roofers and we only install the correct products that have been designed for this very purpose. On the odd occasion we break a tile we will replace these free of charge to yourself. Any causes for concern would be picked up at survey stage and liaised to you.

What happens to my excess production?

The best thing to do (and we will walk you through this) is to try and change your habits as much as possible to use every unit you generate. This is where you will make the most savings however by adding in a battery you can gain the best savings. 

Will I still get bills?

Yes, you will still receive a bill. Standing charges still apply and you will still be billed for any electricity you had to buy from the grid.

How many solar panels are needed to power a typical house?

As solar panels continue to get more efficient there power rating (kWh) increases. The question should really be how many kWh's does it take to power my home? The answer to that is around 4 or 5 kWh's on your roof. this will generate 3500-4500 kWh's per year with the average home using 3300 kWh's of electricity per year.

Are solar panels in the UK worth it?

Contrary to the rumours solar panels are an excellent option in the UK. The main misconception is that solar panels require direct sunlight which is untrue they work off solar irradiation provided by the sun and they even work in the winter months.

How long do solar panels last?

The lifetime of solar panels is around 25 years with many lasting a lot longer.

What is the average cost of solar panels in the UK?

Small solar panel systems can be bought for around £2000 with the average cost of a 4kWh system being £6000.

Why should you install solar panels?

With the rising cost's of electricity and a forecast price cap of £0.64 in April 2023 it has never made more sense to generate your own electricity. Typical systems can create around 3500 kWh's and if you were to use all of that energy you could save £2240 on electricity you would have bought from the National Grid.

What are solar panels made of?

The short answer is Silicon. Silicon is the second most abundant material on earth after oxygen so there is plenty to go round. Silicon ingots are cut into slices called wafers to which conductors are added creating a solar cell. When the sun hits the solar cell it creates a reaction which creates electricity.

Our Solar PV Installation Service Areas

From Fife and the Lothians, right through to Glasgow and Ayshire, we cover the entire Central Belt.

Our solar Panel Installers Scotland service areas


Glasgow City

Glasgow Southside

South Lanarkshire

East Kilbride






North Lanarkshire













Newton Mearns






St Andrews



Dalgety Bay
















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