Martin Lewis issues blackout warning

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Martin Lewis has warned people there could be blackouts this winter if people don’t cut their energy usage.

The money saving expert returned on his popular ITV1 Martin Lewis Money Show Live on Tuesday night, where he issued a stark warning about the possibility of blackouts unless people do more this winter to cut use.

He issued a 9 point plan to everyone on how to reduce their energy and gas consumption, moments after he said that energy prices have risen by 96% since last winter and are due to rise another 48% in April.

Martin told viewers: “Make your house as energy efficient as you possibly can. It’s good for your pocket. Good for the environment and good for energy security which is at risk this winter. We do not want power cuts so this is a social responsibility.”

He took viewers through a ‘Get your house in order’ checklist which included several things to check to help avoid blackouts.

‘Boiler no brainer’

Martin said: “Take my one degree challenge. The World Health Organisation says 18C is fine for healthy adults. Younger, older or ill you might need more.

“It’s not for me to tell you what to do but I’d like you to try reducing one degree. Say you’re at 21C, try reducing to 20C. That could save you around 10% on your heating bill.

“If your heating is only kicking in at 15C and you’re heating to 21, only heating to 20C is actually a significant saving. Don’t think 0 to 20 think 15 to 20.”

Martin also advised people not to turn the thermostat up when they get cold.

“Now look, your thermostat will get you up to the temperature you want. This is a panic reaction, I’m cold I’m going to put it up more. The thermostat dictates what the temperature is, don’t turn it up just wait for it to get to the heat and then you won’t need to pay too much more.

Martin Lewis then set out the website

He added: “Nothing to do with me, this is a website that takes you through, if you’ve got a combi boiler, and the vast majority of you do, how to turn down the flow rate.

“You’d normally want it to be around 60C, but most people’s boilers are set higher, that’s really inefficient, you can turn this down, it won’t affect the heat of your house it’ll still be the same temperature, it won’t affect your hot water temperature. It might take slightly longer to get up to the maximum temperature. But it can cut £100 a year off your bill, it’s well worth everyone doing.

“This is an absolute no brainer, everyone with a combi boiler should be trying this one.”

Martin said:

Don’t use tumble dryers

Martin Lewis explained that tumble dryers are expensive and use a lot of power costing as much as £1 per use, so avoiding using them where possible would help make big savings.

Fit a free water savings shower head

You can get a free one from and there are 900,000 being given away for nothing. It works by adding air to the mix of the water, meaning it spaces out the amount of water being used. But the real saving is that less water needs to be heated.

Put foil behind radiators

Check your fridge

Your fridge shouldn’t be lower than 5C and your freezer shouldn’t be lower than -18C. Changing them could save you money

Check your TV energy setting

Your TV may have an eco setting or standby settings you can change to make it use less energy

Use tactical curtains

Open the curtains during sunshine and let that heat in. Close them at night and keep the heat inside. Felt lined curtains work even better. Cling film on windows can also save you money.

Don’t be afraid to touch your knob

Yes really. Martin Lewis says turning down individual radiator thermostatic controls can help save money

Turn draught detective

Walk around your house and try to find where the draughts are. Escaping air means heat loss! Sausage dog draft excluders as well as cling film on windows helps.

Credit Alex Evans of Examiner Live.

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