Switching to LED bulbs, Is it worth it?

by | Nov 10, 2022 | Energy Saving Avice | 0 comments

Why switch to energy saving bulbs.

Its a great idea to switch to LED light bulbs in your home. Not only will you save a small fortune through the year on your electricity bill but you also get a better quality of light. Some people mistakenly believe that cost of these light bulbs is really high, this is simply not true. The cost of an LED light bulb was high when they first hit the electrical market but due to mass use they have dropped dramatically and are not any more expensive than the old fashioned and inefficient light bulbs.

How do energy saving bulbs save money?

Your old lightbulb would be about 40 watts and an LED equivalent is around 4 watts. This means that you are using ten times less electricity than you would have been.

How much will energy saving bulbs save me?

40 watts (old bulb) – 4 watts (new bulb) = 36 watts (wattage saved).

That figure for an hour on an electricity plan of 17 pence per kWh equates too 6 pence saved. Now i know that’s not really motivating you too upgrade but try this equation.

The average house has 10 light bulbs running for an average of two hours per day. That is 2 hours x 10 light bulbs = 20 hours. Now multiply it by the days in a year. 20 x 365 = 7300 hours. The total savings over the year can be work out as 7300(hours) x £0.0612(pence per hour saving) = £438.

The savings.

That is £438 a year you could save and that is just from changing your light bulbs to LED.

How much does it cost to change to energy saving bulbs?

LED’s really have dropped in price and can be bought for as little as a pound now. Potentially a whole house could be changed over for much less than £50. With the savings you could make, why wouldn’t you change to LED?

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